Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BYU Luv Shack Reunion 2012- Charlotte, NC

Once again, we were able to pull off our Luv Shack Reunion this year.  After going back and forth on where we should go this year, it came down to Charlotte.  Yay!  I was so excited to have everyone come to my home and see my new city.  Charlotte did not disappoint!

We kicked off the weekend by going to the US National Whitewater Center, not far from my home.  This was quite the adventure!  We went white water rafting, which was quite exciting.  We split up in two groups since Erin and I both had babies with us.  Erin and I went together and managed to be 2 of the select few who did not fall out.  Carrie, Amy, Michele and Kristen then went together and Carrie was the lucky one who ended up in the water.  After rafting we did the zipline and ropes course.  We all had a blast!

Of course we also we out to eat a few times and did some shopping and more shopping!  At dinner one night we decided to celebrate Erin and Kristen's birthdays, even though they weren't till December, but we figured why not celebrate early?  

We managed to squeeze in time for a craft.  We all made wreaths.  Here is my finished product.

Michele, Carrie and me

It is always so great to get together with these girls.  We all lift each other up and we always go away from our girls' weekend feeling refreshed and ready to be better moms and wives.