Sunday, October 7, 2007

T minus ???

One of the reasons we are starting this post is to keep you all up to date with our now more exciting family life. For those that count the days before Isabelle supposed arrival, we are 32 days away. Now there is a trend of babies in the family that enjoyed the extended rest and comfort of the mother's womb . Thankfully we have heard of ways to naturally induce labor and prevent those 10 months pregnancies.
Becca and I have decided to have Isabelle born naturally in our home. Since both Becca and Isabelle are perfectly healthy, we decided that the stress of a hospital would not be necessary. We also believe that Becca will have better support here at home than she could ever get at the hospital. We have been consulting with a midwife for couple of months now and we feel at ease with her and her staff. Laurie is also very knowledgeable and qualified when it comes to baby delivery, having 7 of her own, delivered the last 3 at home, assisted 2 of her grand-children to come into the world, and helped many more women deliver babies at home. We are both very excited for our little angel to join our family and feel very blessed by all of your support and love.

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Andréa said...

Hey Charles actually contributes to the blogging world..amazing! I wonder if Brant has even seen my blog in the last few months..haha
we need more pics ;)