Sunday, April 20, 2008

5 months old!

Yesterday Isabelle turned 5 months old.  She is growing so fast!  When I came back from work on Thursday, I was holding her in my arms and getting myself a drink of water (Yes, I can multitask...sometimes).  Isabelle reached for the glass, put both hands on it and started bitting the rim.  I realized that she is a very observant baby.  Since then, she has started eating real food.  Her first food was a banana.  As you can see in the video, she is a very good eater, which does not surprise any of us.  I guess that explains all of her lovely rolls!

Last month Erin had a lacrosse game at Disney Wide World of Sports.  It was fun to take Isabelle to see her Aunt Erin play.  At first she was a little scared by all the screaming, but then she got used to it.  Charles would hold her up high in the air and cheer every time Erin's team made a goal.  

Our nephews, Caden and Masen having fun at Erin's game

Every year Ma has her family Easter picnic.  This year she was on a cruise in Mexico for Easter so we had a little picnic last minute.  Two weeks later when Ma got back and Carol and the girls came in town we had another Easter picnic.  We all had a great time playing games and soaking up the sun.

In the afternoons, Isabelle loves to watch Ellen.  So when Ellen's show came to Orlando I tried to get tickets but they were all gone.  So we went to Universal's City Walk anyways and went to Ellen's Riff Raff Street Party.  We got to see Ellen's show from a distance and up on the big screen.  We also got to see the Jonas Brothers perform.  Laila managed to work her way up toward the front of the stage like a champ, so we saw her on the big screen a few times. Hopefully next year we will get seats for the show so we wont have to stand on our tiptoes squeezed among hundreds of other people just to get a look at Ellen.

Isabelle has had so much fun these past couple weeks.  She has had a lot of firsts.  We got a season pass to Wet 'n Wild and went there a few times while Carol and her girls were here. Isabelle also got to go on her first sailing trip.  Brad's dad took us out on his sail boat for an afternoon of fun. You can see on the video that Isabelle had a blast, especially when Brad entertained her!  Isabelle and I go to the Y almost every day.  Isabelle has grown fond of the workers in the child care and they all love her of course.  Sometimes after working out I take Isabelle for a nice swim.  She loves the water... just like her mama.  Isabelle has also mastered sitting up.  She is very proud of her accomplishments.  She likes to sit tall and look around to make sure everyone notices how well she is doing.  She is quite the crowd pleaser.  She absolutely thrives on attention from anyone around.

Isabelle doing her Marilyn Monroe pose with her Aunt Ashley

The church had its annual rodeo last month at the church ranch, so of course we had to go.  It was Charles and Isabelle's first rodeo.  It was fun to see kids chasing after little pigs and the bulls and barrels and horses and everything.   

Her eyes are still blue... we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Check out the great video Charles put together of Isabelle eating her first solid food and more fun stuff.


Campa Family Atlanta said...

Happy 5 months!!! very cute video.
uncle brian

Brittany said...

So cute!!! She's absolutely adorable! (I especially love the pictures of her in her hat on the boat.) Great job with the video too--how did we survive before the Mac?

Carolee said...

So adorable! What a few busy and exciting months she's had. The video was great... I laugh at Brad every time I see him too:)

Andréa Morrow said...

I love Ellen! and the Jonas Brothers.. very lucky you are :) love the pictures, Isabelle is getting even if that were possible. we hope Hailey keeps the blue eyes as well.

Andréa Morrow said...

Ok, hope you get this soon, but I will be calling you possilby tomorrow.. happy mothers day! anyways, I think I may be coming June 5th or something for about 5 days, but before I do, I need to talk to you.. Brant is worried about me coming alone w/ the girls.