Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End of an Era

For anyone who knows Isabelle, they know she loves her pacifier.  Not any pacie, only hers.  I began giving Isabelle this pacie when she was born (thanks Janice!).  We started off with two identical ones but my mom's dog chewed up the other one.  I searched high and low for more of the same kind, but came up empty.  I found the same kind but much smaller (newborn size). Isabelle's was the size of a ring pop!  I finally called Gerber and they insisted that they have never made any other sizes and that they just expand as the child sucks them.  There is no way that the tiny newborn pacie could become this big.  So with all my hopes shattered of finding another pacie of the same caliber you can imagine how the world stopped whenever we couldn't find Isa's pacie.  Well two weeks ago I went into Isa's room in the morning.  She was standing in her crib looking at her pacie on the floor.  I picked it up and found that it was split in half.  I knew those teeth were sharp!  Talk about instant weening, poor Isabelle!!!  The first nap, going to sleep at night and long car ride were tough, but since then she has done really well.  


Andréa Morrow said...

yeah for her! glad she is doing ok w/o it :) Isa's a big girl now :(

Brittany said...

She's so cute! Her Halloween costume is adorable. We're back in Jersey now--wanna come visit?