Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arizona Fun!

Kristen, Michele, Erin, Carrie, Amy, and Me

Back in November I got to go on a great girls trip to Arizona.  For a while now all of my old roommates from Sophomore year at BYU have wanted to get together for a reunion.  Trying to work out a time where all six of us could get to the same place was quite a task, but finally we worked it out.  Since Carrie and Erin  both live in Arizona we decided we would meet there. We had a weekend to remember.  It was so great to all be together again.  We definitely had a lot of catching up to do.  We stayed up way later than our once younger bodies could handle, but it was worth it.  Our weekend was full of shopping, pedicures, eating out, going to a comedy show (like old time sakes), and working out at Carrie's gym, where we happened to see Charles Barkley.  What a great time!  We hope to be able to all get together again soon!

Pedicure Time

Me, Amy, and Carrie

Michele, Erin, and Kristen 

The whole group plus Isabelle, she was the one baby on board since I was still nursing at the time.  Although we found out that two of us in this picture were pregnant during the reunion, can you guess who?

After a long day of playing all three girls were knocked out.

A huge bonus to the trip is that Andrea lives in Mesa, less than an hour from Carrie's house.  So I flew out a couple days before the reunion and stayed a few days after. Isabelle loved playing with Tati and Hailey and I had a great time with Drea and watching our kids be silly.  

This was the first time Isabelle fell asleep at the high chair, it has since become a normal scene.

Me, Isabelle and Drea

The day before I left we had a fun day at the park.  Erin came back up from Tucson with her little boy Ryan and her husband Jared, Carrie came down from Scottsdale with her girls Madison and Cali, and another one of my friends in Mesa from BYU, Tiffany, came with her girls Kylie, Lexi, and Sadie.  It is so fun to all get together after all these years and watch our kids all play together.  It was a true joy.

Erin and I with our kiddos

Me, Isa, Tiff, and Carrie

Cute hair!

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane!

It was sad to leave all our friends behind, but we are grateful for all these fun new memories.


Andréa Morrow said...

It was fun! I think I can convince Charles that you guys have to move out here :) then you'll warm up to the idea...haha

LeeAnn said...

Hold on Becca. Am I confused, or was that a subtle way of saying your pregnant again? Maybe I misunderstood the comment about 2 people in that picture being pregnant and then a picture of you. Hum . . .

Teisha said...

Are you pregnant?

Becca said...

Sorry everyone, I'm not the one pregnant, at least as far as I know. I didn't mean to scare ya'll, I guess I should have been more clear. Actually it is Carrie and Michele who are pregnant. This is Michele's first and Carrie's 3rd. I am so excited for them.