Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!  Like a lot of people, I always look forward to Spring Break. Not because I am in school, but because it means Carol and her family get to come here.  Like always, we had a great time this year.   I wish it never had to end.  After a week of fun and games we headed down to Vero Beach.  Charles was able to take Friday off work so he was able to join us!


The Ligon Family

The big event of the weekend was Ma's Easter Picnic.  It is a family tradition that we have done for as long as I can remember.  Everyone comes together, as well as two other families, the Arces and the Blackstocks (who unfortunately weren't able to make it this year).  We typically have the picnic on Easter Sunday so we send someone down to the park the night before to reserve our pavilion.  This year we had the picnic on Saturday so Charles, Carol, Isabelle and I went down to the park around 7 am and put a table cloth on the table and made our own "reserved" sign.  It was a good thing we did because we were the first ones there, but while we were there a few other people started arriving to reserve tables.  

The highlight of the picnic is the games.  It is always a contest  between the Ligons (my family) and the "Others."  We have a big conch shell that we write who wins the games each year.  The winning family gets to keep the shell throughout the year.  

The golf game is popular among the men, especially in our family where we have avid golfers. Needless to say, the Ligons won the golf contest.

Hula Hoop has always been my families' specialty.  I won the kid contest with Mikenzie and Laila and I won the adult contest.

Of course there was the tug of war contest.  First there was the kids contest which unfortunately we lost.  Then it was time for the adults.  So we had our four strongest family members, which naturally I was a part of and the Arces had their four strongest.  Of course we won!

Erin and I got MVP for sure!

The water balloon toss is the most popular of all. Both the kid and adult contests resulted in Ligon Family wins.  As tradition goes, the water balloon toss was followed by a massive water balloon fight. After tallying the score of all the games the Ligons won 4-1!!!   

Ma brought a slip 'n slide, which was huge hit with the kids.  Isabelle had to get in on the fun so we went ahead and changed her into her bathing suit.  She loved all the water spraying everywhere.

Isabelle and her Papa.

Little Addison and her Tata.

Since we went down to Vero Beach a few days before the picnic we were able to enjoy our time with Ma and Carol's family.

Ma took us all to a Japanese Steak house...mmmm good!

What a good helper, Isa got the newspaper for Ma both mornings we were at her house.

Isabelle loves little Addi, but who doesn't?



Charles and Brian took advantage of the beautiful weather while we were in Vero and went and played a round of golf.

With all the water on the course, it's no wonder Charles and Brian lost so many balls!

Brian right before his hole in one!  
Just kidding, no such luck.

I guess water wasn't their only obstacle.
I love this picture, you can see the ball in the air and the sand flying, great camera Brian!


Erin had her last lacrosse game of the regular season here in Orlando.  We all got to go and cheer her on. Erin did awesome and had lots of goals and assists. We are so proud of you Erin!!!
Dad and me at the game

Wet 'n Wild

We made our first trip of the year back to Wet 'n Wild.  It was quite a different experience with Isabelle now walking.  Isabelle absolutely loved it.  The look on her face tells it all.

Isabelle posing for the camera in the kids' wave pool.

Isabelle loved going by the slides.  

Every time we got down Isabelle would say "more slide."  
So we kept going down the slide over and over!

Fun in the sun!

Cassie, Mikenzie, and Chloe

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