Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Visit from Mamie!

We just had another wonderful visit from Charles' mom. She is always making an effort to come and visit. It means so much to us and it is so wonderful that she is able to have such a strong relationship with the girls with how far away she lives. While here she was a huge help, as always. I had a lot of wedding planning going on for Erin's wedding and she stepped right up to help me. She was able to be here for both Erin and Jessa's bridal showers. Unfortunately she already had her plane tickets when Erin and Marc picked the date for their wedding so she left the day before their wedding. While here Charles was able to take a week off work. One of those days we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom, one of my new favorites. We had a great day there full of fun.

My favorite thing at the Animal Kingdom is the Safari ride. It is so amazing. This time when we were passing the Lion it actually started to roar! Even though we were in a big jeep, I did get a little nervous. What a cool experience.

We are so glad we got to have such a wonderful visit with Mamie!

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