Friday, September 2, 2011

Mother Daughter Disney Time

Isabelle and I got to have a fun day at Disney while the exchange students were here. Normally we would NEVER go to Disney in the hot Florida summer, but since I had to take the students anyways, I decided to bring Isabelle along. It was so great to spend the day with my little girl, especially since I had been away so much. We did everything she wanted to do that day, which, like usual mainly meant seeing all the characters and a few rides here and there.

Isabelle desperately wanted to see Rapunzel. They have certain visitation times, but you have to be there at least an hour before that time and stand in line. At the given time they allow a certain number of people in to see Rapunzel. I told Isabelle that we were going to have to wait a long time, but she was okay with that. So we stood in the line with the hot sun glaring down on us for an hour. It was all worth it when I saw the pure joy and excitement on Isabelle's face when she finally got to see Rapunzel. She just thought she was wonderful.

For over a year Isabelle has been eyeing the Princess Autograph Books. Every time she would see another kid with one she would just look at them like they were the luckiest kid in the world. When she asked me to buy her one, I couldn't say no. She was so excited and just beaming. She also picked out a princess pen to go along with it. She held onto that book and pen like it was the most valuable item in the world. She was so proud and so happy to start getting signatures.

Isabelle can't get enough of the princesses!

She always loves the Carousel.

We finally got to meet Snow White!

Isabelle was so excited to see Jessie! This was her first time meeting her. She was pretty bummed though that she didn't get to meet Woody. We had been in line to see Jessie and Woody for almost 45 minutes when right before our turn they said they needed to take a 3 minute break, and then would be right back. Well only Jessie came back. We were pretty disappointed, especially after waiting in line for so long. Hopefully next time we will get to see Woody.

Despite the 100 degree plus weather, we had a wonderful day at Disney. I'm so glad Isabelle got to come along.

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georgi said... darling...I read Rapunzel when I was small, think that may be why I let my hair