Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girls Trip!

We had our 4th Annual BYU Luv Shack Reunion. Unlike other years where we have gone to someone's home, this year we went to Laguna Beach, CA. Thanks to an awesome hook up and discount from our friend Tiffany, we were able to stay the weekend at the Newport Coast Villas. Gorgeous!!! It was absolutely perfect for us. We had a fabulous weekend full of shopping at malls and the Swap Meat, eating, and having much needed girl time. I'm still amazed that we are able to coordinate all of our busy schedules and find a weekend every year where we can all get together. This was the first year that I have been able to go without a baby, so that was a nice break for me! Charles did a great job holding up the fort while I was gone.

The six of us, plus two little munchkins!

We found this fabulous restaurant on the beach called The Beachcomber. We could have gone back there for every meal, there were so many things on the menu that sounded delicious.

My delicious lunch!

The two pregnant mommas. I guess we know who will have babies with them next year!

Did I mention how beautiful it was? I have a new love for California!

We thought we would try and be young and hip again by renting a red Mustang. Too bad it was too cold most of the time to put the top down. We were quite the site all packed to the max with four of us in the car and all of our luggage.

I am so grateful to have such good friends where regardless of the distance between us, we can always pick back up right where we left off. I'm also grateful for all of our wonderful husbands who allow us to have a little time each year to have our girl time!

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