Friday, May 25, 2012

End of the school year

Isabelle finished her first year of preschool and it was an absolute success.  She learned so much over this past year, it blows our minds.  We sat down with her teachers, Ms. Jodie and Ms. Tricia and they had compiled a binder full of Isabelle's work.  There were several assignments she had been given at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end of the school year so we could see how much she grew.  It was great!  Isabelle especially loved learning her letters and writing letters and words.  She also became quite the artist, which we were very impressed with, considering at the beginning of the year she could barely do a smiley face!  

 Isabelle's end of the year program was just darling.  She was so excited to be up on the stage and sing and dance with the kids.

 Anya loved the show and can't wait to go to school too!

 Liam also enjoyed the music!

 End of the year picnic with some of Isabelle's class friends.

 Last day of school.  We loved having Ms. Jodie and Ms. Tricia as teachers.  They were the best!

A special surprise for Isabelle, Ms Tricia and Ms Jodie knew how fond Isabelle was of the class pet Boggy the Froggy, so they gave him to her!  She was so excited, it made me cry!  We loved Tuskawilla Presbyterian Preschool.  They did such a wonderful job and made Isabelle's first year of school one we will not forget.

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