Friday, December 28, 2012

Our little Snow White

If you know Anya, you know that she loves Snow White.  So it was only fitting that our little Anya had a Snow White birthday party.  We were pleasantly surprised that so many of her friends were in town and able to come considering her party was just a few days after Christmas.  

The kids all decorated cookies

And got their faces painted by my talented sisters.

Our Anya sure does keep us on our toes.  This girl is so smart, she is like a little attorney, always arguing her case. She is our talker.  We always say we know she is asleep when she stops talking. She is doing great with her first year of preschool and ballet.  We are actually quite impressed how much more graceful she has gotten over the past few months since she started taking ballet.  She loves to sing and dance and is our resident comedian.  We love our Anya girl and are so proud of her!  

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