Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time to Dance

The girls had their first big ballet and tap recital.  At Christmas they had a small one for just their class, but the Spring recital is the big deal.  They were in 2 different sessions, which was nice because they were able to see each other perform.  Isabelle was first.  She did her ballet piece to Tinker Bell's "Fly to Your Heart" and her tap piece was to "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah."  We were so impressed with how much she has learned over the year.  Back in January she was bumped up to a higher level class that you can only be in with a teacher recommendation.  She did great with it.  She has some natural talent and we love watching her dance.  All day before the recital she was feeling sick and in bed.  But we said a prayer with her and she had great faith that she would be ok.  We held our breathe as she got on the stage, but she just smiled and danced like she was feeling great.  We were so proud of her.

Captured this shot during  a class.  I love Isabelle's arabesques!

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