Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Florida Sun!

Summer break is here so the kids and I headed back down to Florida.  After our last trip and everyone being sick, we didn't have as much time to visit as we would have liked, so back down we went.

We had a great weekend with my dad.  He had the sister missionaries over and they invited us all to go to church on Sunday.  So my Dad, Carol and her kids and my kids and I all went.  It was so wonderful to be at church with my dad.  After sacrament the bishop and High Priest Group Leader came up and introduced themselves to my dad.  When my dad told them his name they totally knew his name from the church records.  I could tell that my dad was feeling a bit emotional and had something he wanted to say.  I told him to just say what he was feeling.  That's when my dad said some words that I will never forget.  He told them that he wants to come back to church.  Carol and I both just started crying.  After 20+ years our prayers were finally being answered.  My dad reminded me how he told me on my mission that one day he would be back.  Now was finally the time!  I can't put into words the joy that I feel.

 My girls!

 Forever a daddy's girl

 Love those eyes

It wouldn't be a complete trip to Florida without a visit with Brad and Liz.  Lucky for us, we were there for Liz's birthday!

 The girls think Brad is pretty much the funniest person in the world

 This might be why they love Brad so much, never a dull moment!

Anya decided to put on a show full of new dance moves.  I couldn't stop laughing.

The girls got to have a special day with Brad and Liz at Sea World.  As you can tell from the picture they got nice and wet and had a blast.

The Science Center

What a stud!

Finally!  The main reason for going back down to Florida was to meet baby Reese.  What a sweet and beautiful baby girl.  We got to spend a few days in Tampa with Erin and her family.  It was a little crazy adding all my kids to the mix, but we enjoyed it.

Tata Erin taught Liam how to give kisses

Can't go to Tampa and not go to the beach.  Yes, Erin and I were crazy enough to go there with 5 kids 5 and under!

Isabelle and I had a special day at Wet 'n Wild.  I was so proud of her going down all the water slides.   She was nervous to go on the first one, but once she did she just wanted more.  We especially had fun in the wave pool and lazy river.  It was so nice to have this special day with my big girl.

What a great time we had in Florida.  While at times difficult not to have Charles with me, it was still worth it.

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