Monday, December 10, 2007

3 weeks old

Isabelle is 3 weeks old today. It has gone by fast and slow at the same time. The recovery has been a lot harder than I could ever have imagined, but fortunately I have family here who has helped me get through it. The last few days I have started feeling better and I have gotten out a bit. If my home scale is right, Isabelle has put on about a pound from her original birth weight ...she is a GOOD eater. Her biggest accomplishment is sleeping through the night. At least I consider it through the night. For the past week she has been going to sleep around 11 PM and then sleeps till about 6:00 AM. Then she eats and goes back to sleep till about 9:30 or 10:00. So I really can't complain about that. We absolutely love having her here in our home. It has been an adjustment, but a wonderful one.

Isabelle loves her car seat

Just hanging out

Isabelle and mommy

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Jessa said...

Look how big she's getting! I can't believe she's changed so much. Can't wait to see ya'll in a couple you bunches