Thursday, December 20, 2007

1 Month old

Isabelle is now one month old! It seems that time suddenly accelerates! Isabelle is still a very good baby and gets her mommy and daddy to laugh a lot. Recently, we went to my work Christmas party and dressed her in a cute Christmas outfit. She had a large bow in her hair. When Becca got out of the car, she found Isabelle dressed up as Zorro, sleeping in her car seat. Needless to say the bow was a little big!
She got to see Santa for the first time at the KPMG Christmas party.


With Santa!

With Grandpa Steve and Santa's hat!

Are you Jellin'?

A real cutie

We're going to have to get a third couch.

Isabelle loves going in the tubbie!

Nice, clean and comfy!
Look at my new Boppy chair!

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Nana is just so much fun to be around!


Andréa said...

oh my gosh, she is such a doll.. I just want to kiss her! I love that binky Tati and Hailey favs :) they're life savers! happy 1 month little missy

Carolee said...

I love zorro! She is absolutely adorable... what good looking parents she must have.