Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Isabelle's First Christmas

Isabelle had a great first Christmas. Charles' mom was still with us here in Florida and his Dad and sister Elise joined us as well. It was a full house. As tradition goes, the Saturday before Christmas we went down to Vero Beach for Ma's Christmas party. It was Isabelle's first time to Vero and first time to the beach. Like all of us, she loved it there. Isabelle finally got to meet most of my family. Christmas day we got up and had a nice big breakfast. We opened presents and then headed over to my mom's house and joined the rest of the family. Ma also drove up, which is a tradition she started a couple years ago. We love having her there with us at Christmas. Of course we played lots of games and enjoyed each others company. I think Isabelle enjoyed her first Christmas, but I am excited for next year when she will be able to open her presents herself and really have fun!

Isabelle's first trip to the beach...she slept through it all.

Isabelle loves her cousins Chloe and Cassidy. Carol and her family were able to come and spend a week with us here in Florida over the girls' Christmas break.

Isabelle with Grammy and Pappy

Isabelle has a special connection with her Great Uncle Kenny

Isabelle and mommy love to match their clothes!

Can you kiss a baby too much?

4 generations on Christmas day

We had family pictures done while everyone was in town. Isabelle slept through most of the day.

We had Isabelle's baby blessing on December 30th. Isabelle wore the same dress that Chloe and Cassidy wore for their blessing. Brian's mom made it. It was beautiful and a perfect fit. Charles gave her a beautiful blessing. It was a special day. Thank you to everyone who came!

Mommy, Grandpa and Isabelle after Isabelle's blessing

Mommy, Daddy and Isabelle Marie

My dad came over for the blessing and he had bought Carolina shirts and jerseys for everyone.

I had to go back to work at the first of the year. So we had to practice having Isabelle take a bottle. She did amazingly well. Charles gave her her first bottle. She seemed a little confused at first that Charles was able to feed her, but took it without a problem. Fortunately I am only working part time. My mom watches Isabelle for me when I work. The first couple days my mom had her, Isabelle didn't want to take the bottle. After a while my mom turned on the Price is Right and right away Isabelle took the bottle. The next day she did the same thing and sure enough the Price is Right did the job again. I guess I watch a little too much tv when I am home with her.Isabelle's first bottle

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Andréa said...

yeah for the new pictures.. and no, you can never kiss a baby too much!! she's adorable.. happy baby blessing :) I wanna see those family pictures. I'm so behind on my blog! we're planning another trip to Brasil end of May.. wish you guys could come.. I really want to come for the reunion too, I hope I can schedule around it.

Michele & Glyn said...

Hi Becca, Its your old friend Michele here! I don't really know how to do this blogging stuff so I am probably screwing up your whole site (lets hope not).
Isabelle is so incredibly beautiful. So much fun looking at the pictures. I love all of her dark hair!
--Michele Tingey Drewery