Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 months old

We can't believe how fast Isabelle is growing and how strong she is getting. We started using her Bumbo chair about two or three weeks ago and ever since then she has really developed her upper body strength. She loves sitting in her chair. She surprised all of us last week when she sat up on her own. She stayed upright for probably 30 seconds or so. She doesn't have sitting up completely mastered...she usually starts falling forward after a little bit, but she is doing a great job. Isabelle also loves standing up...of course with our help, but it is her favorite thing to do and she will often push herself up into the standing position. Every day we are eager to see what she will do next to surprise us.

Isabelle's first day sitting up

Who needs to suck on a thumb when you could stick your whole fist in your mouth?

Isabelle and mommy matching in purple

Dining out with mommy and Daddy, Isabelle likes having her own seat.

Isabelle and mommy

Every morning Isabelle calls her dad at work. She can be quite the chatter box. Getting Isabelle's phone call is Charles' favorite part of the day.

Isabelle loves hanging out with her best friend Kayla. Ruth, Adam and their three kids moved here from Atlanta in August. We love having them around.

In January Isabelle and I went to Atlanta for a week to spend time with Carol and her family. It was Isabelle's first plane trip and she slept through it all, both on the way there and on the way back. We had a great time with Carol, Brian and the twins, although I was sick most of the trip. Charles flew there for the weekend and we all went to Carol's friends lake house. It was gorgeous and it snowed most of the time we were there.

Isabelle's first plane trip

Isabelle with her Aunt Carol and cousin Chloe on the Marta

Becca and Cassidy on the Marta

Aren't I cute?

Isabelle with her cousins in their matching hats Nana got them.

One of Isabelle's classic sleeping positions


Carolee said...

She is getting to be so big! She looks so much like Charles to me in the first picture... who do you think she's looking like these days?
I see she's got her mommy's love of talking on the phone already, nice.

bella utahan said...

Sour Becca! How great to hear from you! Your little treasure is just beautiful, so much hair!!! It has been too long since we caught up! I too am apart of the blogging world, check ours out when you get a free minute! Take care! Stay in touch! Lots of love, (sorella) Rachael Royce

nathalia said...

Congrats! She looks so beautiful... an tiny!