Monday, October 27, 2008

What? It's cold in Chicago?

Charles is off on another business trip, this time he is in Chicago.  Last night I was driving him to the airport and I mentioned something about the weather being cold in Chicago.  He seemed totally surprised.  As I stared at him in shorts and a t-shirt I asked him if he brought anything to stay warm.  Of course his answer was no,  the one time I didn't pack for him!  He had brought one short sleeve shirt and two long sleeve, thin cotton dress shirts.  I proceeded to tell him how I had just seen forecasts of blizzards somewhere in the middle of America and how most places aren't 80 degree weather at the end of October like Florida.  He said he could handle it, it was too late to turn around and go home, so I dropped him off.  Of course as soon as I got home I looked up the weather and sure enough it is COLD in Chicago.  Lows in the 30's and highs in the 40's most of the time he is there.  Charles called when he got to his hotel and said it was freezing.  He said he nearly froze in the thirty seconds it took to get in the cab and out of the cab.  Everyone was dressed in thick jackets and scarves while Charles had on his t-shirt and shorts.  His meetings are at the hotel he is staying at so we thought all he had to really handle was going to and from the airport...WRONG!  The story gets even better.  At 2:00 am the fire alarm went off in the hotel and everyone had to evacuate.  Charles had to stand outside in the freezing cold air for a half hour!  When does the fire alarm go off in hotels????  Only for Charles!   Poor Charlie!  I told him to go buy a jacket or sweater but he said he is too cold to even go shopping.  He now understands why they call Chicago the windy city.  Hopefully he will survive till Wednesday night when he flies home.  I bet he wont make that mistake again.


Carolee said...

Oh that is so sad! It's freezing here, I can't imagine being outside in shorts and a t-shirt. I'm glad to find out I'm not the only wife who has to pack for her husband.

Tiffany said...

That is so funny! We are so waiting for it to turn fall here's still like 92-94 everyday...getting a little ridiculous!! Anyway--when are you coming and how long? and Whay and where are you staying? I think that covers it!! we have to get together!! make sure you call me or text me or leave a comment or email or soemthing... 480-567-4123!