Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween everyone!  We love Halloween, not only for the candy corn, but because it is the beginning of the Holiday Season.  I love pulling out decorations and getting festive.  This year we had a little Halloween get together over at Ruth and Adam's house.  We had about 15 people, so it was a nice size group.  We played games and ate and ate and ate.  After going through many options, Charles and I decided to go the more comfortable route and dress up as island people.  The other costumes varied from vampires, to a 50's couple, to a deviled egg (very clever- he had a white shirt on with a big yellow circle in the middle and had his hair spiked up in two horns like a devil) and so on.  It is fun to see adults dress up on Halloween since it is usually just the kids doing the dressing up.

Ruth and Adam in their 50's attire

Halloween is a whole new experience when you throw a child in the mix.  We had so much fun making sure Isabelle's first Halloween was one to remember, well at least one we will remember.  I got Isabelle's costume last year before she was born.  Of course I had to get her a lady bug costume since we have that theme going on.  Last weekend I thought I was going to have to buy a new costume for her since it has been so hot here, but this week we were pleasantly surprised by a little cooler weather (not Chicago weather by any means) but it has been really pleasant.  Last night we went to the church's Trunk or Treat. For those of you who are not familiar with Trunk or Treating, everyone decorates their trunk and the kids go around and get candy.  Isabelle got a hang of it quick and would race off to the next car as soon as the candy was put in her bag.  We all had a great time.

Isabelle, mommy and our little friend Michaela making rounds at the Trunk or Treat!

How do I look?

Isa and Mommy dancing around in the costume parade!
Notice Isabelle's matching baby doll and backpack?


Carrie Hazar said...

She is such a doll Becca! I can't wait to meet her. Both my girls were lady bugs too for their first Halloweens. Holidays are so much different with much beter! The best is yet to come for you. See ya next week!

bella utahan said...

how cute! I love the lady bug costume! Your last post made me laugh too! Glad to see all is well with you guys! Do you ever make it over to this side of the Atlantic?

Carolee said...

Oh, I hope I can have a little girl to dress up someday! Your party for grownups sounds fun too, I need you here to get me more into the festivities :). Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon- now it's looking like December. I'll keep you posted.