Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Isabelle!

Isabelle had her half birthday on Tuesday!  I can't believe she is already 18 months.  But at the same time it seems like she has always been a part of my life.  Isabelle is learning new things each day, she never ceases to amaze me.  Charles' parents got here at the beginning of May.  It has been great to have them here and for them to be able to get to know Isabelle so much better.

Here are some of the most recent updates on Isabelle and what she likes:

Talking:  Isabelle is a little parrot.  She repeats everything we say.  Recently, she has developed a new favorite expression "Heck Ya!"  The first time she said it Charles and I cracked up, so of course that was her cue to say it over and over.  Isabelle is doing great with both languages.  It has been a big help having the extra French influence of Charles' parents these past two weeks. Isabelle really seems to know and understand the two languages.  Isabelle loves saying prayers.  Every time we get to the table she folds her arms and says "prayer" before we can even say anything.  If we ever bring out a new dish after we start eating she always makes sure we say another prayer for the new food.  What a great example she is to us. Isabelle loves to say the prayer herself.   Usually she repeats what we say, but just this past week she started adding in her own things.

Me: "Thank you"
Isabelle: "Thank you"
Me: "for"
Isabelle: "Jesus"
Me: "and"
Isabelle: "Momma"
Me: "and"
Isabelle: "Papa"

It is so sweet to hear the prayer of a little child.  On occasion I have even heard her saying her own prayer when I am in another room. 

Favorite Songs:  Isabelle still loves to dance.  She always asks me to turn the music on. Lately she has started making specific requests.  She has named all the songs the best she logically can: "Low" (yes she loves Flo Rida), "Gaga" for "Just Dance," "Closer," "Castle" for Les Miserables' "Castle on a Cloud," "Rainbow" for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "No Air." These are just a few of the many songs she likes.  She definitely has her taste of what she likes and dislikes.  
Favorite Activities: Isabelle loves doing puzzles, making different animal sounds, learning body parts, climbing on everything, and playing with her baby dolls.  Everyday when we walk to the mailbox Isabelle takes her baby in its stroller.  Isabelle loves looking at pictures and naming everyone in them. She loves all of our family and friends and we all adore her.

Favorite Books:  Isabelle adores reading.  She has more books than we can keep track of. After reading a book a couple times Isabelle will have all the names memorized and will start saying the words on the next page before we even turn it.  I always find her in her room sitting in the rocker reading her books to herself.  Some of her favorite books are Goodnight Moon, The Belly Button Book, Petit George, Moo Baa La La La, Je T'aime Mon Bebe, and Emilie. 

Favorite Numbers: Isabelle is big on counting.  She counts everything.  So far she can count up to 9 on her own.  She doesn't really seem to care about 10, 9 is like the best thing to her.

Isabelle loves playing in the fountain out back.  

Isabelle loves flowers, especially ones that smell good.

One of Isabelle's biggest developments is starting to potty train.  For a couple months now she would tell us when she needed to go potty, so about a month ago we finally went and got her a little potty seat.  She gets on it daily, but has only gone in the potty a few times.  I think it is more of a game to her.  I am not in a huge rush to get her potty trained, although it would be nice.  I'm sure it will happen when she is ready.  

We are so proud of Isabelle.  She brings us more joy than I ever thought possible.  I look forward to each day and the new things she will learn.


Andréa Morrow said...

love it ..her and hailey are so close and doing lots of similar things .. cant wait to get together again

Carrie Hazar said...

She is just darling and way to go on the potty training thing! I always put it off but if she is asking about it then I say go for it! It is so fun to see you as a mother.

Carolee said...

WOW- what a little smarty! I can't believe all of the talking and counting she's doing already. Good luck with the potty training, and hooray for nursery!