Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun with Mamy and Papy

We just finished a great visit from Charles' parents.  They came and stayed with us for a month. It was the first time they had been back since Isabelle was born, so she has definitely changed a lot.  She absolutely adored them.  It really helped her French too to have them around.  It is amazing how she can switch back and forth between languages depending on who she is speaking to.  

During their stay we were able to do a lot.  Charles' dad went right to work doing different projects as soon as he got here.  He painted the garage floor, our bedroom, the family room, and two bathrooms.  He hung several picture frames and fixed a few things around the house. Charles' mom went right to work cooking and cleaning and playing with Isabelle.  They are the best in-laws!  We are so grateful for all they did while they were here.  

Fortunately their visit wasn't all work and projects.  We made a trip down south, with our first stop at my Grandma's house in Vero Beach.  After which we headed down to the Keys for a few days.  It was such a nice and relaxing week.

Vero Beach

Relaxing at Ma's house.

Charles' parents took the canoe out around the island.  It is a beautiful ride.

So this is a sore subject.  A little background... Charles has been fishing several times over the past few years.  He is yet to catch a fish.  He has caught a rock, but not a fish.  We went down on Ma's dock to try our luck.   Within a few seconds of throwing his line in, Charles' dad caught a fish.  He tried again and caught one right away.  Still no bites for Charles.  I came down to the dock and within 30 seconds I had a fish.  Needless to say Charles was pretty disappointed. Sorry Charlie.  I'm sure you'll have your chance one day.

Aunt Carol and Uncle Andy took us out on their boat for a morning ride.  Isabelle got her chance to drive the boat.  I remember doing that with my Pa when I was little.  Lucky for us there were lots of dolphin out that morning.

The Keys

After a fun time in Vero we headed down to the Keys.  We stayed at a nice place called Holiday Isle Resort in Islamorada (almost half way down the Keys).  We got in Thursday night so Friday was our first full day. We woke up to a terrible storm.  Not exactly what you want when you are in the Keys.  We looked online and saw that it was supposed to be clearer in Key West so we decided to head on down. Thanks to some missionaries that we found on the side of the street we were able to find an IHOP in Marathon on the way down to Key West.  

After a lot of driving we finally made it to Key West!  The drive payed off, the weather was absolutely beautiful!

We spent the afternoon at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.  The beach there was beautiful.  Charles did a little snorkeling while Isabelle enjoyed playing in the water.

Charles' parent soaking up the Florida sun.

While walking down Duval Street we saw the cookie store that I had been to many years ago. Of course we had to stop and get one of the huge cookies.  They were as good as I remembered!

Carol and I ten years ago in front of the same cookie place.  Mmmm good!

You can't go to Key West and not go to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Isabelle thought this statue was so funny.  She kept touching the little boy.

Chillin' by Mallory Square.

J'aime ton sourire!

Playing in the water at our hotel.

We went to Robbie's Marina to feed the Tarpon.  While I was a little grossed out to touch the dead fish, Isabelle was not scared at all to pick them up and throw them to the tarpon.  The tarpon were everywhere and they were hungry!  I think the pelican wanted the fish too.  With all the tarpon here Charles could definitely catch a fish!

We found a great restaurant near our hotel called Lazy Days.  After dinner we went out back on their dock and took some family pictures.

The Zoo

When we got back from the Keys Charles had to go back to work.  Isabelle, Charles' parents and I spent a fun afternoon at the Zoo.  There is a fun splash park for the kids that Isabelle loved after a long day in the sun.  At first she was a little timid about the water, but then she just got right in.  

Rock Springs

The day before Charles' parents left we went to Rock Springs.  The springs are absolutely beautiful.  We rented some tubes to go down the river and packed a picnic lunch.  It was great until the mosquitos started attacking.  The mosquitos seamed to really like Charles' dad, he got bit all over.  Despite the annoying mosquitos we had a great time.

We had such a nice visit with Charles' parents.  We can't wait till they come back again!


Andréa Morrow said...

can I just say.. Jealous! can your in-laws come visit us in boring AZ? I remember that cookie funny :) I've got Tati looking at all the pics with me, so she can remember Isa. dangit, if I could ever convince Brant to move to FL...

LeeAnn said...

Becca, you get to have so much fun! What a great time having the grandma and grandpa in town. I think it's so cool Isabelle is learning French too. Such a smart little girl.