Friday, August 28, 2009

Disney... A Dream Come True!

For my birthday we took Isabelle to Disney for the first time. Originally Charles wasn't going to be able to go since it was in the middle of busy season, but fortunately his boss is a big fan of Disney and said he couldn't miss his daughter's first trip to Disney. So we got to go all three of us. We got talked into getting a 3 day pass, which you could use any time in the next six months. So we went again in September. Isabelle was in absolute heaven. This Summer she started watching all the princess movies and knows them all. She has dress ups for most of them and I cant get her out of them when we are home. So naturally she was so excited to see all the princesses. She was also thrilled to see Mickey and Minnie and all the Disney characters. We made our rounds and went on most of the kid rides and of course we hit up the parade. We absolutely loved watching Isabelle's face as she discovered this dream world.

Our first trip to Disney (my birthday) there was a LONG line to see the fairies. We decided to pass on it and said when we come back the second time we would get there right when the park opened and go straight to the fairies. We did just that and didn't have to wait long at all.

Isabelle was uncharacteristically shy around the princesses.

Isabelle couldn't get enough of Mickey and Minnie, she kept giving them hugs and kisses. It was so cute.

We went on the carousel over and over! Fortunately there was no line.

Of course we had to go on Dumbo!

Under the Sea with Ariel!

Enjoying the parade in the heat!

Isabelle also loved watching the performance on the stage by the castle. We took a video of it and she has me play it all the time on the computer.

We had such a wonderful time! Disney truly is a place where dreams come true!

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Andréa Morrow said...

that's the cutest picture ever with Isa on Charles' shoulders.. I want to squeeze those arms!