Thursday, September 17, 2009

Built in GPS

Who needs a GPS when you have Isabelle around!  Isabelle has always been very observant. Whenever I am driving she is always leaning to the side so she can see where I am going.  A while back she started pointing out our home whenever we would come up to the light at the corner.  I thought that was pretty normal considering that is where we always come in and out of every day.  Then last month we were driving to the YMCA and we passed the light where I would turn to go to my mom's.  Isabelle started crying and I was like "what's wrong?" then she said "Nana!!!"  I was shocked that she knew that is where I turn to go to my mom's.  It isn't even her neighborhood, just a light and there really isn't much of a landmark there.  I turned around and went back to the light and Isabelle was happy.  I guess Isabelle had a different agenda than me.  Now every time we pass that light Isabelle says "Hi Nana!" 

Whenever we take the toll road heading downtown Orlando Isabelle looks out the front window and as soon as the city's skyline is in sight she says "Papa's work!"  Typically I take the toll road to get to Charles' work when we meet him for lunch or sometimes dinner during the dreaded busy season, but the other day I decided to take the back roads and save a little money. Isabelle knew that we were going to Papa's work, but when I turned left out of our neighborhood instead of right she was all concerned.  She thought I changed the plans and was going somewhere else.  I had to keep assuring her that we were going to see Papa, just going a different way.  As soon as we were in view of the tall buildings, even though it was a different direction we were coming from, Isabelle was relieved and pointed to the buildings and said "Papa's work."  

The other day I was driving and Isabelle asked me for a cookie, I told her I didn't have any.  We got to the corner with Publix (a grocery store, where she always gets a cookie) and she said "Mama, Publix, cookie, please."  How can you say no to that?  Every morning Isabelle and I go to the YMCA.  On our way there Isabelle assures me that we are heading in the right direction with every turn I make.  And as soon as she can see the Y, she makes sure I see it too.  A couple weeks ago we were visiting with a lady from church and then we were going to Coleman's house (one of Isabelle's friends).  Well our house happened to be on the way to Coleman's house and when Isabelle saw us approaching the light for our neighborhood she started crying "Coleman, Coleman."  She was relieved when I continued past our street.  

Isabelle always wants to know where we are going.  Her new thing is I will ask her where we are going and she will start listing all the places where we are not going first and then say where we are going.  For example, Isabelle will say "Publix, noooo...Costco, noooo... Nana's,, noooo, the Y, Yessss!!!"  Last weekend we were leaving a church activity and we were going out for ice cream.  As we passed our house Isabelle said "home, noooo... ice cream, yessss!"  It makes me laugh.  

So back to my original statement, I don't need a GPS, I have Isabelle.  She can get me to Papa's work, Nana's house, church, Aunt Jenny's house, the YMCA, Publix, Costco, Wet 'n Wild, Kayla's house, Coleman's house, our home and plenty more places that I probably haven't discovered yet.  


Carolee said...

Ok, Isabelle is officially better at directions than me, seriously. I don't know how you resist anything she says either- she's just adorable!

Andréa Morrow said...

haha love it :) although you are waay nicer than I am.. I would have never turned the car around to go back to the light..haha that's so funny!
I wish our girls could play together :(
Carol sent me the baby wrap thing for the car seat.. I'll make you one for your new baby.. do you have a name yet?
I think Liliana is cute, you could call her Lili :) just a thought

Melissa said...

She is too cute!