Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visits from good friends

This year we had some really good friends come and visit. The most recent was the Tamai family last month. Ryan and I have been good friends since our first year at BYU. For his 30th birthday he came with his wife and two darling daughters all the way from California to visit us. It was so fun to see them and get to know his wife and daughters better. Unfortunately, Charles was gone in India during their visit so he wasn't able to join in the fun times. We tried to pack a lot into the time they had here. We went to Wet 'n Wild, City Walk, Downtown Disney, and of course down to Vero Beach. But the best part was just visiting and catching up. It was fun to watch our girls play so well with each other and to see each other as parents.

Kaella, Ryan, me, and my mom

Me, Karen, Ryan and their newest addition, Kaella

Kianna (or "Banna" as Isa called her) and Isabelle, they got along so well.

The Schars

Earlier this year we had a great visit from the Schars. Raphael and Charles were mission companions and of course I knew him too on the mission. Raphi was also one of our groomsmen in our wedding. Raphi, his wife Annika, and their daughter Linea live in Switzerland, so it was a long trip over for them. We were so grateful that they made the effort to come and see us. It's hard to live so far away from good friends. This was our first time meeting Annika and Linea, but it felt like we had known them forever. It was wonderful to have them here.

Old mission comps and their daughters

Me and Annika

While the Schars were here we spent some time down in Vero Beach. My Aunt and Uncle took us out on their boat and we went and had a cookout on an island. It was a beautiful and fun night.

Isabelle loved little Linea!

We are so grateful for good friends and the joy they bring us. Our house is always open for anyone who wants to come and visit!

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Rapsli said...

Thanks for having us at your home. We really enjoyed the time together with you guys and for the hint that directed us to the wonderful Publix sandwiches.
Hopefully we'll hit Florida again sometimes or see y'all here in Switzerland.