Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anya Noelle

Born 12/25/09 at 1:50 PM
7 lbs 13 oz
21 1/2 inches

We had the best Christmas present anyone could ask for this year, our baby girl Anya Noelle. She has already brought us so much love and joy.

Anya's birth story: On Christmas Eve I was starting to have some painful contractions. They were a good 10-15 minutes apart, but I knew that Anya would be coming soon. We went about that day with going to the YMCA, last minute shopping, decorating Christmas cookies and then went to a Christmas Eve party that night. By the time of the party I was pretty sure I would be in active labor sometime soon. Once we got Isabelle down for bed that night, Charles and I started putting together her new kitchen set so it would be ready for Christmas morning. The contractions were getting a little harder at this point. I was hoping that I would be able to get up Christmas morning and do all of our traditional Christmas stuff and then go into labor late Christmas afternoon or evening and have the baby on the 26th. When I finally crawled in bed at midnight I told Charles that either the contractions would pick up or stop all together. Well within a minute of climbing in bed the contractions jumped to 3 minutes apart. I waited about 20 minutes, but I knew, Anya was coming Christmas Day whether I liked it or not. I had Charles call my mom and she came over with Erin and Mikenzie. My mom went with us to the hospital and my sisters stayed at my house so they could be there when Isabelle woke up in the morning. We got to the hospital around 1am and got checked in pretty quick. They sent me up to triage to monitor my progress. I was dilated 3 when I got there. They checked me again an hour later and I hadn't really progressed. They called the doctor on call to see if he wanted to admit me. I was really worried they wouldn't admit me since I wasn't progressing. Fortunately he took another hour to call back and by then I had her check me again and I was dilated 4 centimeters. So they admitted me. After my all natural birth experience with Isabelle I knew I wanted an epidural this time so as soon as I could I had them send up the anesthesiologist to give me the epidural. Within about an hour of being in my room I got the epidural. At first I had a really scary reaction to it. I started shaking uncontrollably and felt really nauseous. It scared me pretty bad. But with a some time it went away. It took almost a good hour for the epidural to really work, but once it did, life was great! I finally got to get a little sleep and relax. Charles and my mom both slept for a while too. My contractions slowed down a bit and I wasn't progressing very fast. I stayed dilated at 6 for a few hours. I knew from last time with Isabelle that once my water broke that things would go a lot faster. I told the nurse that, but she said only the doctor could break my water and he usually didn't come in till I was fully dilated. Well that wasn't going to do me much good. Finally my water broke on its own at 11:15am. Within an hour and a half I went from being dilated 6 to 10. I told the nurse like I felt like pushing a little before 1pm. She checked me and then called the doctor right away. Well he took his sweet time getting to the hospital. I had to hold off pushing for almost an hour till he finally strolled in. When the nurse saw him in the hall she had me do one practice push and then told me to stop so he could come in. Well two pushes later Anya was born. It was pretty amazing to hold her in my arms for the first time. What a special spirit she has about her. My family all got to come up to the hospital and meet our little angel. They even brought our Christmas dinner to the hospital for us. We got discharged the evening of the 26th and went home and had our "Christmas morning." After our Christmas gift of Anya joining our family, we really didn't need much more.

Welcome baby Anya!

Momma and baby Anya

First family picture.

Isabelle was so happy to finally see little Anya!

Papa and Anya

Anya in her Christmas stocking

Isabelle loves her little sister!

Momma and baby Anya

Papa and Anya having some cuddle time.

My mom was a huge support during the whole process. Thanks Mom!

Happy Grandpa!

Ma and Aunt Louise had come up for Christmas day so they got to meet little Anya.

My cousin Jessa was in town from West Virginia for Christmas and came to visit us at the hospital.

All cozy.

Cassie and Chloe with their new little cousin Anya.

Charles' sister Elise was here for Christmas break. She got to spend a lot of quality time with Anya and Isabelle.

Erin and Ashley right after the birth.

Right after we checked into the hospital. I had told Charles I didn't need a wheelchair, but the hospital made me use one anyways.

Finally admitted, just waiting for the epidural! (The epidural was fabulous! I definitely recommend it.)

Isa was only there for part of the labor. She was very concerned seeing me in the hospital bed.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we made our traditional visit to Brad's Christmas Party. My whole family has been going every Christmas Eve since I was in high school. Isabelle was so excited to be able to wear one of her "pretty, pretty dresses."


Erin and Isabelle being silly

Brad, Isabelle, and Liz

Earlier that day we went to my mom's house to decorate Christmas cookies.

Isabelle thought it was great and kept wanting to eat the cookies.


Andréa Morrow said...

what a cutie! you guys sure know how to make em :)

nathalia said...

Congrats on baby Anya Noelle! Definitely a wonderful Christmas present!

JK said...

Congratulations! She's so cute! Glad everything went well.

bella utahan said...

She is Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

JM Inc. said...


How you look so fabulous in all those hospital shots is incomprehensible...it shouldn't be possible! Little Anya is gorgeous, and I'm sure she's sent everyone's hearts pitter-pattering! What a fabulous Christmas gift (: And epidurals are wonderful little things...they allow you to relax, while in labor, and dare I say, enjoy the process some! So fun to watch your family grow; your two beauties are something else!

Melissa said...

It's not even fair how beautiful you look right after giving birth AND after being up all night!
I'm glad you had a much more enjoyable labor this time. I can't wait to meet Anya. She's so cute!

Carolee said...

Oh, congratulations!! The epidural thing sounds scary- I'm glad it turned out ok in the end... isn't sleeping through labor amazing? :) Well, she's just beautiful, I love all of the hair. I've got to get down there to meet her!

Tiffany said...

Ok Gorgeous!! Congrats first of all...but hello...could you be any cuter in the hospital?!?!? What a special story. Glad it all worked out ok--sounds like we had similar stories--my first was natural too--second got the epidural--HEAVEN--i push like 10 minutes after breaking my water--2 pushes later they are out...and I went to the hospital on the 26th (missed Christmas) with my baby--but she was born at midnight so she is technically the 27th!! we need to catch up and play again! Miss you and love you tons!! :)

Carrie Hazar said...

Congrats Becca! She is just beautiful and such a perfect Christmas gift. So glad everything went so well. Your growing family is just darling!
PS LOVE the name...I always wanted a Christmas baby so I could use the name Noelle. It is just gorgeous!

Brittany said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! What a lucky girl to come to such a great family. We'll be anxious to see more and more pictures. :)