Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Bliss

Once again we had a wonderful Easter Holiday, filled with love, family, fun, and most importantly reflections on our Savior Jesus Christ.

I got the girls some darling matching dresses for Easter. We've been waiting to wear them and finally got the chance to yesterday. It's not easy getting good pictures of both of them at the same time, but here are our attempts.

Sisterly love!

My baby girl, growing up so fast.

Anya looks a little scared of her sister!

On Friday before Easter there was an Easter Egg Hunt at the YMCA and a little party afterwards. There were a TON of kids there so they had to split up the kids in age groups for the hunt. I went out with Isabelle to help her. She kept walking right past eggs, so thinking she didn't see the obvious egg sitting on the ground, I pointed them out to her. Then she said to me, "No momma, it's not pink." That's when I noticed all the eggs in her basket were pink! Go figure! No one was surprised, she is quite the girly girl.

Enjoying a work free Easter weekend with Papa!

Like every year, Ma had her Easter picnic at the park by the beach. Anya loved being outside all day and all the attention she got from the family.

Isabelle consumed herself in the bubbles, chalk and playground.

Playing with Erin at the playground!

After the Easter picnic, we headed back over to Ma's house and set up an Easter Egg Hunt. My mom had filled 4 dozen eggs with candy. Everyone thought I should just hide 10 or so, but I wanted to hide them all. I wasn't sure if Isabelle would only get the pink eggs again or not. This time she went for all the eggs and even after finding all of them she asked for more eggs.

I don't think any more eggs could have fit in her basket.

All in all we had a fabulous Easter Holiday. We can't wait for next year when Anya can join in the fun. Happy Easter everyone!


Andréa Morrow said...

Happy Easter! they girls are adorable as usual in their dresses.. I think I forgot to even take pics of my girls in their dresses :(

nathalia said...

I love your girls' heart shaped lips!

Carolee said...

I love the Easter dresses! The picture with you and Anya is precious, she looks just like a little baby doll.

JM Inc. said...

What a beautiful family Rebecca! Those little girls are just so darling...could they be more precious, seriously???