Monday, October 25, 2010

Charles' BIG 3-0!

Charles, Isabelle, Scott and Zoe at Battery Park

Charles turned 30 on Labor Day, 12 days after me. Typically he wouldn't get Labor Day off, but we made a special request for him to have that whole weekend off. What a great time we had. For his actual birthday we went and had a picnic at Battery Park with MaryLynn, Scott and Zoe. The kids ran around and had fun. After the picnic we went and let the kids play on the playground, then we did a little shopping (that was more the girls' idea than the guys of course). We tried to take the ferry back across to Newport, but it wasn't running because of the Holiday, so we ended up taking the PATH back. We went back and ordered Chinese food and picked up an ice cream cake, my favorite. I know it was Charles' birthday, not mine, but I knew he would love it too. It was so nice to have a full day to enjoy together.

MaryLynn, me and Anya

Of course Isabelle had to get in on the action of blowing out the candles. Now she is ready for her birthday to come.

Good job Papa! Lots of smoke, you must be getting old!


Part of our combined birthday present was going to the US Open. We went the first Saturday to the night session and took the girls and then we went back just the two of us for the Women's Finals. Even though Clijsters creamed Zvonareva, it was pretty exciting to be a part of a Finals.

The Finals took place on September 11th, so it was pretty special being in NY, listening to the National Anthem.

Isabelle had a lot of fun at the Open, cheering at all the right times.

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Carolee said...

Charles, just wanted to tell you that you're awesome! You've inspired me to learn how to make crepes. Now I just have to get my hands on one of those little pans... Thanks again for letting us crash at (and tear apart) your place and for the amazing breakfast!