Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends and Family in NYC

I guess NYC is the place to be, because while we were there we had lots of visits from friends and family. We also got to meet up with a lot of old friends who live in or near NYC.

Our first visitor was my sister Laila. She came up for two weeks to keep me company and help me with the kids. We had lots of fun exploring the city, shopping, eating and playing. While she was there we got to go see The Addams Family musical. It was a lot of fun.

Laila had fun doing Isabelle's hair all fancy.

Looking out at Jersey City from Battery Park. You can see our building we stayed in, it is the third one over on the right.

My friend Tim, from BYU, lives in NYC, so we got together one night at his place and had dinner with him and his wife. It was so fun to see him again after all these years. His wife just had a baby a few weeks after we were there.

My mom and Roland came up for my birthday. We had a fun filled week together.

My MTC mission companion and college roommate, Brittany, lives near Princeton, New Jersey, a little over an hour away. Her friend Maile was in my ward. We hung out a lot and made a day trip to Brittany's house. It was so fun to hang out again and see her as a mom.

It took us many tries to finally get a picture where all the kids were looking and smiling. We didn't even have the three babies involved.

Brittany and her kids at a little coffee shop we went to for ice cream.

Maile and two of her kids

Carolee and her boys came to see us from Pennsylvania. I absolutely loved hanging out with her and the boys. We haven't had that quality of time together since college. We had fun exploring the city and visiting Central Park. Isabelle loved playing with the boys. I wish we lived closer so they could know each other better.

Taking the ferry across the Hudson

Charles' mom came the furthest distance to visit us. She spent our last week in NY with us and then came back to Florida for a couple of weeks. It was so nice for her to get to see what we were experiencing in NY/NJ.

Another old roommate, Sara, had a layover for a few hours in NYC so we got to meet up with her for a couple hours and grab some lunch at the Shake Shack. It was a quick visit, but great none the less.

Thanks everyone for the visits, we loved sharing part of our time there with everyone.

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Carolee said...

Aww, I had such a great time catching up, too. Hopefully we'll see you guys around new year's back home? (My boys still talk about "the toy store with the giant piano" :)