Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another side of Christmas, Anya Noelle

We can't talk about Christmas without a spotlight on our best Christmas present, Anya Noelle.  Anya turned 2 on Christmas day.  We are still looking for a way to make sure she feels special on her birthday.  This year for her birthday we celebrated on Christmas Eve.  We had a little party for her at Chuck E Cheese, just like she wanted.  Carol and her girls were in town, so it made it extra special.  Anya was so excited and thrilled to be 2!

 Baby Bruce even made it to the party, he was quite the hit!

 Addison playin' a little air hockey

 Tickets galore!

The boys even had a little fun!

Our little Anya is such a joy in our life.  She is full of energy.  The little lady thinks that she is in charge of the house and she will proudly tell you so.  There is rarely a moment of silence when Anya is in the room, she just keeps talking and talking and talking.  We always joke and say that you know when she has fallen asleep because she finally stops talking.  She always has something funny to say.  She loves playing with her big sister and doing everything she does, although she is a lot more cautious than Isabelle when it comes to trying new adventures.  She is our best eater.  Broccoli is one of her favorite foods.  She is one of those rare kids who will eat her veggies before everything else.  Anya just potty trained right before her birthday.  She took a little longer than Isabelle, probably cause she is so stubborn, but she did it and now we are diapers free for a few more months!  She loves to dance and sing and play dress ups.  She follows in the footsteps of her sister and loves everything princess, from dressing up, to watching movies to make believe.  Her favorite princess is Snow White, with Pocahontas coming in a close second.  We just adore our little Anya and are so grateful for her in our lives.

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