Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Fun Continues at Bear Lake

This summer we went back to what has become our favorite family vacation spot, Bear Lake Reserve.  We are so excited to only be a 3 and a half hour drive from it, now that we live in NC.  I spent a couple weeks there with my family and Charles was able to come up for long weekends.  There is something so peaceful there that makes us never want to leave.  Thanks to Ma, we have gone there for several summers now.  It has become like a second home to us, so we have really set up routines for what we like to do while we are there.  There is always swimming, kayaking, tennis, golf, picnicking, hikes, late night games, and more.  

Liam loved being in the water, which came as no surprise considering our kids would stay in the water all day, every day if we let them.  I guess they are true Floridians.

Isabelle has become so independent and fearless in the water.

Anya, acting silly like usual.

Erin and me with our boys

Hanging out with Ma

Anya and her cousin Addison

A new tradition that has started is to go blueberry picking.  The kids had so much fun.

One or two may not have made it in the bucket.

There is a pavilion at the top of the mountain where we love to grill and have picnics at.  There are beautiful views and it is so peaceful.

My brother-in-law Marc, cooking up some ribs.

Anya gave them her stamp of approval!

Cassie and Laila

Isabelle and Addison

There is a little restaurant in the town, Cashiers, that we found last year that we like to go to.

Gotta love these kiddos!

This boy is always getting kisses.  Can you blame us?

Hiking to waterfalls!

Turtleback Falls.  We go there every time and this was the first year that I finally went down.  I wasn't so much scared of going down as I was to get in the freezing water.

We always have a puzzle going on!

Hanging out on the porch

So our new adventure this year was stand up paddle boarding.  Isabelle absolutely loved it and kept wanting to go back out.  We had a lot of fun!

Isabelle out with Chloe

She's a natural!

We had a fantastic time being all together and just having fun.  I am so grateful for Ma, who makes it possible for us to create such wonderful memories that we will always cherish!