Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Little Man is 1!

My little man turned one!  This little guy has stolen my heart.  Everyone always said it is different with boys and they sure were right.  He is ALL boy.  He loves cars and balls and all things boy.  We are so blessed to have this sweet boy in our family. 

My mom surprised us and showed up at our door with Laila and Jacob.  I started to cry, I was so happy. I didn't know it, but my mom had been in Atlanta picking up a new car and decided that while she was already there she might as well come see us too, especially since it was Liam's birthday too.

We were especially happy to spend some time with Laila, cause she just got her mission call and she is leaving next month to go to the Reno, Nevada mission!

Liam loves his Nana

We had a little birthday party with my family, the Young's and the Kim's.  Liam loved all the attention.

 When it came time for the cupcakes we gave one to Liam.  He looked confused for a minute.  We all sang happy birthday and when it came time to blow out the candle, Liam decided to reach for it and put it out with his hand.  We all tried to stop him, but we weren't fast enough.  Fortunately it didn't burn him, but given his tears, I'm sure it didn't feel good.  Needless to say, he wasn't so into eating his cupcake after that.  

Liam got some new wheels for his birthday.  I have a feeling this will be a favorite toy.  

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