Wednesday, June 25, 2008

...and she's off!

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We certainly did!  Thursday night we went and stayed the night at my Dad and Deana's house.  We woke up early on the 4th and went and played golf.  I  got Charles some new golf clubs for Father's Day so he has taken every opportunity he can to get out and play.  I was a little nervous about how Isabelle would do for 18 holes, but she hung in there like a champ.  She even drove the golf cart some.  We had a wonderful time.

Isabelle and Deana riding in the golf cart

After my Dad's house we went on down to Vero and stayed with Ma.  We watched the fireworks from Ma's backyard since they were being shot off just across the bay.  Surprisingly, Isabelle wasn't scared at all.  She just watched in awe.

Watching the fireworks with Papa

Mommy and Isa enjoying the fireworks

Ma made ribs for dinner and Isa went to town gnawing in the bones... what a treat

I've always heard people say that babies grow so fast, now I am a true believer in that.  Isabelle has made so many advancements in the last is crazy.  When I think about where Isabelle was at 6 months and where she is now I would think that a lot more time has gone by.  At Isabelle's 6 month check up I was telling her doctor that she still wasn't really rolling over.  She would roll occasionally, but not very often and not with ease.  I thought that was strange considering she had already been sitting for almost 3 months.  But I wasn't complaining, it definitely made my life easier, I could still set her on my bed and not worry about it.  Within 3 days of her 6 month check up Isabelle was rolling non stop.  A couple days later (on Memorial Day) she cut her first tooth.  About a week before Isabelle turned 7 months old she had a really big day, let me give you a little background first.  Isabelle still sleeps in our room, but at least not in our bed.  She has her pack 'n play in there and it had a little bassinet part up top.  One Friday morning I sat her in the bassinet part as I was brushing my teeth.  Next thing I knew she had pulled herself up to standing in the bassinet... not good.  I was talking to my mom a little while later and told her about Isabelle standing.  I said, as soon as she can get herself to the sitting position without me sitting her down then the bassinet would have to come out.  Next thing I know Isabelle went from laying down to sitting up.  That night I put Isabelle to bed in the bassinet.  I had the TV on and the next thing I knew Isabelle was sitting up in her bed watching TV.  I guess whatever we were watching was pretty exciting because she pulled herself up to standing and started bouncing with joy.  Charles and I looked at each other and we knew the bassinet had to go.  It was sad to take it out, our little girl is growing so fast.  That same day Isabelle started crawling FORWARD.  She had been doing the circle thing and crawling backward but now she was off.  She also cut her second tooth that same day.  What a big day! Of all her advancements, I think my favorite is her new favorite word... Mama.  Isabelle is now a week shy of 8 months and she is all over the place.  She loves climbing up on everything and walking along furniture.  It is so fun to see her little personality come out.  She is becoming a little person.  


LeeAnn said...

I found your blog through Carolee's. It is so good to see what you're up to. What a sweet little girl you have. We just had a little boy (5 months old). Hopefully, we can keep in touch better now! Here's our blog:

Valerie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was good to hear from you. What a beautiful little family you have. Little Isabelle is darling. Yea for all of her big achievements. They do grow so fast. Looks like life is very happy.

Carolee said...

Sooo sweet. I can't believe all the little Isa is doing! Now I have to get down there again so I can see her crawl.