Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Friends

The past couple weeks were filled with fun.  My dear friend Andrea from Arizona came to visit us with her two precious girls, Tati and Hailey.  Drea moved to Arizona after high school, but it hasn't kept us from visiting each other.  This was a special visit because we finally got to spend time with each others' kids.  We went swimming a lot... in my mom's pool, at Wet 'n Wild, and at the beach.  While Drea was here we also had our 10 year High School Reunion.  Time really does fly.  I only went to one of the 3 events over the weekend, the family picnic.  Needless to say, not many people had kids yet, so the attendance was low, but it was still a fun time.  Drea also went to Prom 2 on Saturday night.  She had a great time there.  I stayed home, but loved all the pictures that Drea brought back.  Some people looked exactly the same, while others looked totally different.  It was very fun to reunite with old friends.  

Hailey, me, Andrea, and Tati

Carol and her girls also came for a week.  Carol is still feeling pretty sick, but she is at least starting to have some good moments (I won't say days yet, but hopefully she'll have whole days where she feels better soon).  We also did a lot of swimming and enjoyed spending time with each other.  Carol came with her girls to the picnic, which was fun.  Last year I went with her to her high school reunion picnic.  Ironically we were both pregnant at each others picnic.  I was starting to show though, and she isn't showing at all yet.  Next month we are going to Tennessee for a couple weeks, so that will be the next time I get to see her, Brian and the girls. Maybe by then she will start to have a little baby bump.  

Tati and I playing in my mom's pool

Chloe and Cassie playing with Tati, they adored each other

Isabelle and I taking a break from the sun at Wet 'n Wild

Isabelle wanted the lemon, so I gave it to her.  What a priceless expression.

Out to dinner with Drea, Tati and Alison Grund (a good friend from high school)

Isabelle at the High School Family Picnic

Graduates of the class of '98 Kristine Guttentag, Kathryn Baird, Jordan Wiens, Alison Grund, Brad, Drea, and me

Bowling with Brad, Liz, Drea and kids for Liz's birthday

More dear friends...On Sunday last week the Villets flew into town.  Bob and Donna were missionaries with us in Reunion.  They were practically our parents while we were there.  They have been dear to us ever since.  They also came down for our wedding 4 years ago.  This time they came with their grandson Tony, who is living with them.  He is such a sweet boy and he has grown up so much since the last time we saw him in Utah.  They were here staying in a time share at Disney and now they just left on a a cruise till the end of the week.  Sounds like an exciting trip to me.  Charles, Isabelle and I went over and visited them at their time share and made a nice dinner for them since they flew in on Sunday.  It was so wonderful to spend time with them and for them to finally meet our little angel Isabelle.  

Me, Isa, Tony, Donna, Charles and Bob

Isabelle with Donna and me

Isa and Bob

Isabelle's first time playing in the sand at the beach

We are so grateful for the time we had to spend with all of our dear friends and family this past couple of weeks.  We hope to have many more opportunities to see everyone soon.


Andréa Morrow said...

we had so much fun with you guys! love the pic with you and your dad also.

cropstar said...

How fun you got to see the Villets! I'm so jealous.

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun and little Isa is so beautiful!

Miss you guys!