Monday, July 19, 2010

Hawaii Days 3 and 4- Maui

The first stop on the cruise was Maui. We got two days there, so we really got to see a lot. We started off with a shore excursion. We went out on a catamaran and went snorkeling at the Molokini Crater and then to Turtle Arches. Turtle Arches was our favorite of the two stops because we got to see giant sea turtles. They were quite impressive.

Laila and little Anya on the catamaran

After the excursion we rented a car and started to explore the island. We visited the Iao Valley and did a short little hike up to this point called the Iao Needle, where "everyone has to take a picture."

We saw so many beautiful flowers and plants!

Erin monkeying around

One of the many gorgeous views on the Road to Hana

The second day in Maui we went for a drive on the Road to Hana. We had heard mixed reviews on whether or not to do the drive. We decided to go for it and we are so happy we did. It was one of our favorite places in Hawaii. There was one breathtaking view after another. One of our favorite things on the road was a little ice cream stop. We saw the sign for homemade ice cream and a little shack next to it. We never dreamed that it would be the best ice cream we ever had. It was coconut ice cream made with real coconuts and coconut milk, served in a coconut with frozen coconut husks as spoons. It was fabulous, I can't say enough. We definitely recommend that to anyone going on the Road to Hana (it's located between mile markers 27 and 28).

Another beautiful view on the Road to Hana

Gorgeous little cove under the waterfall

Once we got to Hana we had a little picnic at the beach.

That night when we got back on the boat it was the formal night so we got the girls all dressed up in their matching dresses and had a great dinner.

After dinner Isabelle went to the kids' club, which was fabulous! They had a Prince and Princess theme that night, which of course Isabelle loved! The kids' club was definitely a highlight of the ship, they did a great job with the kids and had so many fun activities and themes. One night we went by the library on the boat and saw a bunch of kids with their faces painted and bandannas around their heads listening to pirate stories. There was Isabelle sitting with all the kids, just loving it. It definitely made us smile.

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