Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh, the Luv Shack!

A couple weeks ago I went to Houston, TX for our third annual Luv Shack Reunion. The Luv Shack was the house I lived in my sophomore year at BYU, over 10 years ago. There were six of us girls who had all met freshman year and decided to live together. That was a wild and fun year. Now we are all a little more mature and married with children. Two years ago we decided to all meet up and have a reunion. The tradition stuck and now we meet every year. Last year the reunion was while I was in France so I didn't get to go, but I was sure not to miss it this year. We all flew in Thursday night and stayed till Monday morning. Kristen was an incredible host for all of us. She was 37 weeks pregnant and had just moved into her new home the weekend before we all got there. Her house looked perfect, like they had lived there for years. I don't think I could do all that at 37 weeks pregnant. We had a fabulous time shopping, eating, getting pedicures, going to the temple and staying up till all hours of the night. We have a new tradition we started where everyone brought something to share with the group that has helped them as a mom or wife. I learn so much from all of these gals, they are all such wonderful and strong moms and wives. I am so grateful for friendships that can pick right where we left off, even when so much time has passed. I can't wait for our reunion next year.

Houston Temple- Carrie, Amy, Kristen, me, Michele, and Erin

Erin and Kristen


The first year I had Isabelle with me and this year I had Anya. It felt a little like deja vu. Last year three of the girls had babies with them. Three of the girls were pregnant this year, so I imagine there will be some babies at the reunion next year. I think I am a little off on the baby schedule. Kristen's husband Danny and her parents, who also live in Houston, were so kind as to watch Anya for me all Saturday so that I could enjoy the day a little more.

Doing a little shopping.

I tried to make sure Anya had fun too.

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