Friday, November 5, 2010

Parade of Princesses

Our Halloween was full of fun festivities. It was fun to see Isabelle really get into Halloween this year. Last year we were in France for Halloween, so the only time she really ever celebrated it was when she was 11 months old. She loved having day after day full of activities. Of course we started out with pumpkin carving with our friends the Cupits. Then there was the infamous Trunk or Treat and chili cook-off at the church. Isabelle thought trunk or treating was the best thing ever. She would run up to a car and say "trick or treat" and then "thank you." Then she would start running to the next car saying "we have to go to the next car." Now every time we go to the church Isabelle tells me she needs her costume and "we have to say trick or treat." She has had a hard time accepting that Halloween is over and still wants to put on her costume and go trick or treating. It must be confusing for a child to do something all week long and then we say we can't do it again for a year.

Isabelle decided she wanted to be Belle for Halloween, it probably has something to do with her watching the movie every day. I had actually bought her the Belle dress last year and planned on her wearing it for Halloween, but we ended up being in France. She wears it all the time and fortunately the dress still fits so she was able to wear it this year. Anya was our chubby little Cougar cheerleader. Charles and I dressed up in some outfits Charles got us when he was in India last year. So I guess we were Indians.

My mom loves getting into the trunk or treating too.

Princesses are definitely the popular costume choice among the little girls.

My little Cougarette

Pumpkin carving at the Cupit's.

"Papa is silly."

On Saturday night we went to the Waters' house for their annual Halloween celebration. Every year they make homemade donuts and show the Charlie Brown Halloween movie on a big screen outside. When the movie was over they put on some music and the dancing began.

On Halloween, Isabelle decided she wanted to change her costume and be Sleeping Beauty, aka Aurora. Fortunately, she has lots of dress ups, so we were able to pull the dress and all the accessories out of her dress-up basket. Anya also changed costumes and wore a Cinderella dress that my mom picked up for her. We didn't want her to miss out on the princess action. We went trick or treating with the Cupits in my mom's neighborhood. The first few houses Isabelle was right up front with the kids yelling "trick or treat" and always saying thank you. Then we came to a house that had a dog outside. Isabelle is terrified of dogs, so the dog coming right up to her barking, didn't help the situation at all. After that she waited on the street while the other kids went up to the door and said "trick or treat." Once they verified there was no dog at the house Isabelle would go running up to the house, screaming "trick or treat" as she ran, to make sure they knew she was coming too and didn't get left out. Every time after she got candy she came up and showed me the candy, she was so proud and kept assuring me that she wasn't scared. Anya just loved watching everything going on and seeing all the kids running around. By the end of the night Isabelle crashed in the stroller. It was quite an eventful day for my little princesses.

Our little Cinderella

Our Sleeping Beauty!

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