Friday, November 5, 2010

Puzzle time

Isabelle has a new passion for puzzles. She has always loved puzzles, but when we were in NY we bought her a Melissa & Doug 48 piece jigsaw puzzle. We thought it was time to challenge her a bit. Within a couple days she had it down. I'm amazed at how quickly she has learned. We pulled out a 63 piece Tinkerbell puzzle my aunt had given her last year and with a little assistance she put it all together. Charles then went and got her a 150 piece Princess and the Frog puzzle. Some parts of this puzzle are still tough for her, but she can do most of it. This little girl amazes me. Whenever she finishes the puzzle she says "I'm so strong," and "I'm so smart." Too cute!

The other day my family was over and Isabelle and Roland decided to have a race to see who could finish their puzzle first. Here is a little glimpse at how it went.

You can see how after about a minute Isabelle had a good solid lead.

Not much was done on Roland's puzzle when Isabelle finished hers.

"Don't worry Papa Ro Ro. I can help you."

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