Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now Presenting the Happy Couple...

In May my little sister Erin got married! She found the man of her dreams and they are just perfect together. We first heard about Marc when we were living in NYC last summer. My mom was up visiting and she got a text from Erin saying she "met someone." Somehow we knew that there was something different in this new guy. We met him when we got back from New York and we knew he was a keeper. They complement each other perfectly. I have never seen Erin so grown up and mature and most of all, happy. Before we knew it we were helping plan a wedding. Erin, being very busy with work, let my mom, Carol and me do a lot of the planning. It was a blast. Erin decided on a Peacock Theme and we ran away with it. She was the easiest most cooperative bride I have ever seen. There were a couple things that she wanted a certain way but otherwise she was open to all ideas. Erin and Marc decided to have an outdoor wedding down in Vero Beach at my grandma's house. She lives on the water and has a beautiful backyard, so it was the perfect setting. The entire week leading up to the wedding there was rain in the forecast for the day of the wedding. We were pretty nervous, but hopeful that everything would work out and it did. The weather could not have been more beautiful.

Erin's dress was absolutely stunning on her. One of my favorite parts of the wedding planning was going dress shopping with her. We only had to go to one store. We had picked out probably 15 or so dresses for her to try on. The first 3 or 4 were beautiful on her. We loved them all. She asked me "aren't you supposed to know when it is the one?" I told her most people are like that, but maybe she just looks perfect in any dress that they all could be the one. Well the very next dress she tried on was "the one." We just knew! She didn't even want to try on any of the other dresses in the dressing room, but she did just to give my mom the fashion show she wanted.

It was a family affair for us. Carol and I were both matrons of honor, Charles was a groomsman and Isabelle had round 2 of being a flower girl.

Carol's husband Brian was also a groomsman and their little girl Addison was a flower girl with Isabelle. Fortunately we were able to get Addison a matching dress to Isabelle's. They were so cute together.

With my Ma!

I love this picture of Erin and Isabelle. Isabelle thought Erin was a princess in her dress.

Yes, there were 11 bridesmaids. Erin is a popular girl, and there were still plenty of people she could have had in her bridal party.

Laila, Aunt Carol, and my cousin Drew. You can kinda see the center pieces there that we had fun creating.

Toast time

My very talented friend Tanessa made their wedding cake. It turned out great!

They left the reception on the boat as we all waved sparklers. Fun getaway!

The morning of the wedding Marc's mom hosted a brunch for all of the girls in the bridal party. In the meantime all the guys were out golfing. A great start to a great day!

The day prior to the wedding we had a rehearsal with a picnic dinner followed at the park on the beach. We had a hula hoop contest, played tug of war and just had fun all together.

My dad and Uncle Richard were able to join us!

The happy couple

Marc and some of the groomsmen goofing off.

Awe, we love Erin!

All the girls!

The week before the wedding was Erin's bridal shower. Carol headed it up and did a great job.

Isabelle loved the chocolate covered strawberries. She must get that from her Papa!

My mom and her sister Carol

Some of the guests. You can see some of the decorations. It was a fun Shabby Chic theme.

Erin and Ma

I can't even express how happy we are for Erin and Marc and how happy we are to have Marc join our family. They are doing wonderful and they are so happy. They are about to purchase their first home next week and they have great adventures coming up.

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Melissa said...

Wow, what a fun wedding! You guys did such a great job planning it. And that cake that Tess made was amazing!