Monday, August 22, 2011

The Year of the Flower Girl

Isabelle is now a professional Flower Girl! She was in 3 different weddings over the past couple of months. She practiced her flower girl walk for almost a year leading up to all the weddings and was so excited. Fortunately for my bank account, she was able to wear one of her flower girl dresses twice! Unfortunately for my bank account, the dress she wore for only one of the weddings ended up costing me double because the original size I ordered was too big and then when I ordered a smaller size and tried to return the first one they wouldn't honor their return policy and I was only going to get about half of my money back, so I ended up having two dresses for the 1 wedding. Hopefully in a year or so she will fit in the bigger dress and Anya will fit in the smaller dress.

The first wedding was for one of my best friends from high school, Brad and his new wife Liz. They have been together longer than Charles and I so this was a much anticipated wedding. Isabelle adores Brad and Liz, so it was really special for her to be in their wedding. Charles and Brad have become good friends over the year so he was a groomsman in the wedding.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was held on a golf course and then the reception followed inside in the country club. The weather was great and everything went perfectly.

Ready to walk. They were quite the pair.

The Smilebooth at the reception was a big hit!

The day before the wedding they had the rehearsal. The kids were so cute practicing together. They went from walking nice to running down the aisle together.

They decided they were done practicing and started to take off.

At rehearsal dinner

We are so happy for Brad and Liz. They are such a wonderful couple and they are perfect for each other.

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