Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our School Girl!

Isabelle had her first day of preschool today! She has been counting down for a long time and she was definitely ready. In July, Isabelle's teacher, Ms. Jodie, came and did a home visit. Isabelle loved her right from the start. I can already tell that she is going to be a wonderful teacher. She has been talking about Ms. Jodie and school ever since. A couple weeks ago I let Isabelle pick out a lunch box online. We had her name put on it and ordered it. She was very excited for her lunch box to come. Once it came she would carry it around everywhere. She has been so excited to take her lunch box to school with food in it. She has been telling me for a week what all she wanted me to put in it. This morning we packed her lunch and got all ready to go. Charles made a big breakfast to celebrate her first day of school and then he was able to go with me to drop Isabelle off for her first day. She was just glowing, she was so excited. I hope she keeps up her enthusiasm about school.

Isabelle is going to do 2 days a week this year, from 9-1 on Thursdays and Fridays. Next year for PreK she will do 4 days and then be full time the following year in Kindergarten. Isabelle is going to the Tuskawilla Presbyterian Preschool which conveniently is right across the street from our neighborhood. We are hoping that once the weather isn't so hot that we can just walk to school, which will be nice.

Walking into school.

I'm not sure how other preschools have their kids check in, but at Isabelle's school they find their name and picture on the front door and then put it in an envelope to show they are at school. I thought that was pretty cute.

After checking in Isabelle found her place at the table. Anya made herself at home too and started playing play doh with the kids. After a couple of minutes we figured we should leave. It did not even phase Isabelle that we were leaving. She gave me a half hug and kiss and then kept playing. As we were walking out Anya turned to Isabelle and said "Abelle, come on, let's go." She was a little sad when I told her Abelle (Isabelle) wasn't coming with us. Charles and I looked at each other and took a deep breathe when we left. There were no tears, but it was a little surreal that our first child is starting school. When I picked her up after school she was excited to to see me. When I asked her what she did at school all she had to say was that she ate lunch. I guess her lunch and lunch box was a hit! I had to pry more information out of her to find out about her day. We are so proud of our Isabelle and we know she is going to do so well in school this year.

Last Friday we had Isabelle's orientation. She was so excited to see Ms. Jodie again and to meet her new friends. Of course she found the dress ups right away and made herself well acquainted with the classroom and all the fun stuff to do.

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nathalia said...

Aren't these childhood milestones so precious!? She's a cutie!